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Charcuterie Movie Night

Movie night is always a hit with my family, especially after a hot summer day spent outside. It’s nice to get in the air conditioning, curl up in the dark, and watch a fun movie together.

Of course, movie snacks are an absolute must and it’s really not much more difficult to go the extra mile and make a Movie Night Snacks Board like this!

The whole family loves the variety on this snack board and you can easily customize it using your favorite snacks for movie night! Just don’t skip the popcorn – that’s a requirement in my book! 😉


Ingredients Used:

We like variety so we packed in loads of goodies. Most of this keeps well for your next movie night, but you can easily cut this down and use less, if you prefer.

Popcorn – You can use any kind of popcorn that you’d like! Buttered popcorn, caramel corn, kettle corn, microwave, stove top, air popped, etc.

Candy Pop – This sweet candy popcorn is made with M&M candies and chocolate! It’s a perfect, colorful snack for this movie night board.

Candy – Grab your favorites! We used KitKats, peach rings, skittles, sour gummy worms, Andes mints, Reese’s, Starburst, spree candy, Hershey’s Kisses, Twizzlers, Nerds Clusters, Airheads, and gummy bears. It’s a lot of candy, but you just use a little of each and save the rest for next time!

Peanuts – You can use whatever variety of peanuts you like for this, Virginia or Spanish, salted or unsalted, regular roasted or honey roasted. It’s up to you!

Pretzel Nuggets – We like the homemade ones we linked, but you can buy them at the store too!

How to Make:

Bowls: Start by arranging a few bowls on the board. I used three small white bowls, but you can adjust if you’re using other ingredients. We find it easiest to start by placing our bowls.

Popcorn: Arrange your popcorn so that it’s spilling over the container. So cute!

  • Fill In: Start filling in around the popcorn. Don’t stress too much about placement because it really does all come together easily and turns out cute every time! Pay a little attention to colors so that each bit of the board looks good together and really fill in all the empty spaces. Easy peasy!
    Budget: Snack boards do cost a bit of money to prepare, because you’re just buying such a large variety of goodies. You can keep it more budget friendly by limiting yourself to 4-5 varieties of treats and just create several different piles of each treat rather than keeping them all grouped together. This will make the board look more visually appealing.
  • Leftovers: One of my favorite parts about this Movie Night Snacks Board is that leftovers are easily managed. Place opened candies (like Twizzlers) in a zip-top bag. Store all of your candies in one spot in your pantry so that you can pull them out for your next movie night!



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