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Frequently Asked Questions

*What type of epoxy resin is used and is it safe to put foods on it?

Epoxy is eco friendly, plant based and finished with an eco friendly, no VOC oil from Rubio Monocoat. Completely Non-Toxic. No VOCS , No BPA .
Not recommend for repeated cutting with sharp knives on this board as it will mark the wood or the epoxy and should be used as more of a serving tray.

*What type of woods do you use for the charcuterie boards?

We make most of our products available in Acacia Hardwood , Bamboo Wood, Maple Wood and Walnut.

* What type of coaster materials do you use?

We use Ceramic and Travertine tile with a cork backing.

*Can I cut directly on the resin on my charcuterie board?

Here’s a great suggestion from one of our customers: If you want to use one of our cheese boards as a cutting board, use the back of the board for cutting and the front for serving. The resin portion could scratch if used for cutting. Cutting on resin surface not recommended

*Can I place hot items onto the charcuterie board?Coasters?

Do not place hot (from oven) items on resin surface or the cutting board and coasters in general. 

*What is the cleaning and maintenance of the charcuterie boards and coasters?

Don’t even think about running a nice board through your dishwasher. Between the high temperatures, the constant soaking, and the chemicals used, a dishwasher is a nightmare for any wood.

Try to get in the habit of washing your boards immediately after use. A little soap and warm water is enough to clean up any hardwood board. Then dry them right away, so extended water contact won’t warp the grain.
Clean the resin design with glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol Only

*How do I  keep my charcuterie board looking new?

We recommend rubbing a food safe oil onto the wooden surface monthly or as needed. Food safe oils include  Rubio Monocoat Maintenance Oil or Osmo oil or any other form of food safe mineral oil.Do not use olive oil or vegetable oil

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