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What to Put on a Charcuterie Board

To make the best Cheeseboard, focus on 3 things: variety, taste, texture. Variety makes a great board – add items that are sweet, salty, crunchy, fatty, savory, carb-rich, pickled and brined. See the full list of items and quantities that we used in the print-friendly recipe below.
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  1. Cheeses. Arrange them around the board. Pre-slice hard cheeses and cut a few wedges into the brie.
  2. Meats. Fold them in a variety of patterns. Watch the video to see how to fold meat for a cheeseboard.
  3. Pickled Items. Add items that require a dish so you can gauge your space.
  4. Condiments and Spreads. Place condiments near cheeses that pair well. (i.e. honey next to brie). Keep condiments in jars and ramekins.
  5. Fresh Fruit. Cut grapes into small portions and pre-slice apples, rinse, and pat dry berries. Arrange fruit with cheeses they pair well with (see notes below).
  6. Nuts and Extras. Place pecans or walnuts and pistachios next to brie or soft cheeses. Also add chocolate squares.
  7. Arrange crackers and toasts in remaining spaces or serve them in a separate platter
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