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So, how does one take a meat and cheese charcuterie and give it the plant-based spin? Well, friends, we discovered there are a few key flavors needed to get the perfect plate: saltysweetsavory, and spicy (plus something for dipping)!
vegan 1

A good rule of thumb is to include at least one item from each category:

  • Salty– olives, pickles, tapenade, or quick pickled veggies
  • Sweet– chocolatecandied nuts, fresh fruit, dates, or jam
  • Savory– vegan cheesehummus, or roasted chickpeas
  • Spicy– vegan pepperoniescabeche, or a spicy dip
  • For Dipping– crackersbread, or veggies

Organizing your board in this way will give you an abundance of options and endless possibilities for flavor combinations. Once you know what you need it becomes super approachable and exciting. It’s a party for all your favorite goodies!

Once you’ve got your board, place your snacks on the board in order from largest to smallest. Start with any bowls or dishes (for snacks like olives and hummus), and space them out on the board so you can place smaller snacks in between!

Next, place your vegan cheese on the board before filling in the extra space with “loose” snacks, like veggies and crackers. Our favorite trick is to place stackable snacks (like cucumbers and pepperoni) in curves around the dishes!

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