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Girls Night Out Spread

This one is special because it’s small and perfect for 2-3 people. I make it when I have a girlfriend come over for movie night or when the kids are tucked in bed, it’s 9PM and we (the grown-ups) haven’t had any dinner yet. Rather than turning on the stove and dirtying multiple pots and pans, I defer to this cute mini cheese and meat board. It makes us both happy and it’s a perfect dinner for 2 for watching reality tv on the couch.
small charcuterie spread


However, there is a general combination of ingredients that can TYPICALLY be found on a charcuterie board. From what I’ve seen and experienced, here’s what usually goes on a grazing board:

  • Cheese:usually a combination of hard and soft cheeses
  • Meat:typically cured sliced cold cuts
  • Fruit:fresh or dried, or both
  • Nuts:plain or trail mix
  • Something briny:usually pickles or olives
  • Spread or preserves: fig spread, jam, jelly or honey
  • Crackers or bread:these can go on the board or as a side
  • Something sweet:typically chocolate or candy



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