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Easter Candy Charcuterie Board


You’ll need the following ingredients to build this Easter dessert board:

  • One large platter. Although the board pictured here is round, you can certainly use a rectangular shaped platter.
  • Miniature chocolate bunnies. Typically wrapped in gold foil, these little guys are super cute and tasty. Depending on your aesthetic preference, you could leave them wrapped, remove the wrapping or do a little of both.
  • Marshmallow Peeps. Would it even be Easter without Peeps? Grab them in a variety of colors and creatures. This board has both chicks and bunnies.
  • M&Ms. They come in beautiful pastel colors this time of year. I used peanut M&Ms on this board, but plain ones are good too.
  • Jelly beans. A classic for a reason!
  • White chocolate covered pretzels. These sweet and salty treats make a great addition to an otherwise all sweet board.
  • Frosted Sugar Cookies. Any kind of cookie with a pastel frosting will work on this board. My kids love the soft ones you can find in the supermarket’s bakery section.
  • Chocolate Carrots. You’ll want to leave these wrapped in their orange foil for a nice pop of color.
  • Easter grass, for making the birds’ nests.


The first step for this Easter dessert candy board is to place your anchors down first. Your anchors are the most prominent pieces of the board, usually the larger items. They are the objects that you’ll build everything else around.

When I do a cheese board, I use the cheeses as the anchors. For this Easter candy board, we’ll use small bowls made to look like birds’ nests as our anchors.

Fill the bowls with jelly beans and M&Ms so that they look like little robin eggs in a bird’s nest. Then, add the sugar cookies. Try to arrange them in groups of 2 and 3 around the board.

Do the same thing with the pretzels and chocolate bunnies. Theneaster candy provide a contrasting color to the pretzels, so drop a chocolate bunny wherever you see too much white from the pretzels.

Now add the Peeps. Try to place them so that there’s a variety of color all over the board.

Then, fill in the negative space. Using the chocolate carrots and more jelly beans and M&Ms is an easy way to create a look of bounty and fullness.


  • 4 packages marshmallow Peeps in assorted colors.
  • 1 bag M&Ms in Easter colors
  • 1 bag jellybeans in assorted colors
  • 12-15 miniature white chocolate-covered pretzels
  • 10-12 frosted sugar cookies
  • 2 packages chocolate Easter carrots
  • 10 miniature chocolate bunnies
  • 1 bag green Easter grass


  1. Arrange the Easter grass in 2 glass ramekins so they resemble birds nests. Place jellybeans into a 3rd glass ramekin. Place all three ramekins onto the serving board.
  2. Fill the birds’ nests with jelly beans, M&Ms and Peeps.
  3. Arrange the sugar cookies in groups of 2 and 3 around the board.
  4. Now place the pretzels and miniature chocolate bunnies in small groupings around the board.
  5. Add the Peeps onto the board in small groupings.
  6. Fill in the negative space with chocolate carrots, M&Ms and jellybeans.



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