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Build-Your-Own Taco Board

Make taco night even better with this build-your-own taco board piled high with salsa, cheese, carnitas, crunchy shells and so much more.


What to Include on Your Taco Board

  • Shells: Include a few taco shell options on your taco “charcuterie” board, like hard shells, soft shells and Bibb lettuce cups. If you have extra time, here’s how to make homemade tortillas.
  • Protein: Our Test Kitchen opted for seasoned taco meat and slow-cooked carnitas, but this tasty tacos recipe would work just as well. Or go for grilled steak tacos, fish tacos, vegetarian bean tacos, or chili-lime mushroom tacos.
  • Toppings: Here’s the fun part! Get creative and dress up your board with shredded cheese, cojita cheese, shredded lettuce, red onion, black olives, chopped cilantro, sliced fresh jalapenos, lime wedges, sliced bell pepper, shredded red cabbage, radishes and sour cream.
  • Sauces and salsas: Now for the flavor boosters. Pour hot sauce and a variety of guacamoles and salsas into colorful dipping bowls. We used homemade guacamole, pico de gallo and this mild tomato salsa recipe for our spread.
  • Sides: And finally, a few sides to round out the meal. Refried beans and sauteed corn can be piled on the tacos or eaten separately.

How to Build Your Taco Board

1. Break out your tools

While you could use your prettiest cheese board for this taco “charcuterie” board, we suggest reaching for a baking sheet, or any rimmed tray that’ll keep your taco toppings from rolling off. Then pull out your taco board ingredients to start your assembly. You can use two baking pans: one for hot foods and one for cold foods. Once assembled, push the items together to get the single board look.

2. Add your taco filling

Start off with your main proteins because, well, they are the main event. Serve them in larger bowls so there’s enough for everyone. Arrange the bowls on opposite sides of your board to maintain visual balance.

3. Arrange your taco shells

Fan your taco shells around each large bowl. They’ll take up a bit of room, so you may only want to set out two taco shell options. You can place additional shells in baskets near your taco board for second helpings.

4. Find spots for the toppings and sauces

Fill up smaller bowls with your guacs, sauces and salsas and add decorative serving spoons to each. In the gaps on your board, add an array of colorful toppings, like cheese, jalapenos and sliced pepper. Extra toppings can be served in additional bowls or bright plates near your taco board.




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