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Magdalena Bay Whale Pod Lazy Susan

Magdalena Bay Whale Pod Lazy Susan

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15 Inches Diameter  Pod of 4 whales  Lazy Susan

Mag LS 801 06 front1

Inspired by my unforgettable encounters with the majestic whales of Magdalena Bay, Mexico, I am thrilled to introduce my new art project:

A Charcuterie Board, Tray or Lazy Susan with a pod of whales. This unique and beautiful piece features a realistic resin ocean with a family of whales – daddy or momma, and baby – swimming gracefully under the surface. The board is made of high-quality wood and resin, and it is perfect for serving cheese, snacks, or appetizers to your guests. You can also use it as a Lazy Susan to easily access your favorite items on the table. The whale board is a stunning addition to any home, and a wonderful way to celebrate the amazing creatures of the sea. Whether you are a whale lover, an ocean enthusiast, or a fan of resin art, you will love this whale board. Order yours today and bring the magic of Magdalena Bay to your own table.

Please no cutting on the face of the board, you can turn it over and lay on a towel to use as cutting board. Please only hand wash and hand dry these boards. Please add no chemicals for cleaning other that soap and water. The boards are safe for food, up to 400 degrees.


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